Suspend your stresses in the free spirit spheres, Canada

free spirit sphere

Who says the fun of sitting treetop and embracing the very way nature reduces all that is on the ground to a level of relative insignificance should be an earthly delight limited to just children? The people at ‘free spirit spheres’ in the west coast rainforest of Vancouver Island in Canada certainly don’t. These luxury tree houses require guests to be over the age of 16 and centre their service on the pursuit of reclaiming the lost sense of wonderment that is felt as a child. It is fitting therefore, that their namesake one promoting a feeling of spontaneity and youthfulness, matches the atmosphere experienced throughout your stay. Free spirit spheres will have you dangling from a spherical cabin that is suspended from a reassuringly secure rope dangling amidst a canopy of trees.

Simply, the unique selling point of the experience is the invigorating lack of control that comes with staying in the pendant-like suites, as you are lie raised from the ground, your sense of responsibilities and even ability to do anything about them are also lifted.

You are left humbled by the power of nature when the panoramic views of the forest and a surprisingly cosy interior ensure that relaxation is paramount.

It is understandable that the problem of having a wholly spherical structure wherein the walls merge into one without the aid of separate walls, ceilings or floors is one that raises a numerous difficulties in engineering. Therefore, the Free Spirit Sphere tree houses interestingly borrow from the technology behind sail boat construction and are designed by the gifted craftsman, Tom Chudleigh. As is common in the design of cedar wood boats and kayaks, wooden strips are masterfully measured, clamped and warped before being placed together to form the shape of the cabins. Unlike sail boats however, the free spirit tree houses utilise the very forms found in nature during their design. To ensure maximum strength and minimal weight, the tree houses resemble hard-shelled nuts, albeit ones tethered in the air in a design technique named ‘bio-mimicry’.

If you’re wondering how to access the airborne tree houses, I wouldn’t be surprised, but that problem too has been resolved by applying startling feats of engineering. Present on site is a spiral stairway and short suspension bridge.

free spirit bridge

The bridge is secured to both a tree so called the ‘door tree’ which provides access to the spheres and the helical stairway from below. Guests simply ascend the staircase, and cross the bridge before entering their premium tree houses.

free spirit bed

I would have a hard time recommending the Free spirit spheres based on the novelty of being suspended tree houses alone. Indeed it is important that comfortable sleeping arrangements and access to all the essential amenities are available. Not only do the free spirit spheres offer plush double beds and furniture in their cosy interior, they are lined with decorative wooden strips which culminate at the top in a cathedral-ceiling effect. Space is shrewdly utilised in the spheres and a settee and table, alongside room for storage are also fitted into the rooms.

There may not be wash-rooms and shower facilities in the spheres themselves as of yet (and the short walk to use them is in no way arduous), there are future plans to install them a sanitation sphere which too will provide sauna services.

Although the free spirit spheres do not provide dining, you are gifted with a generous hamper full of treats and breakfast goods upon arrival; the further fact that each sphere comes with a microwave and refrigerator means that even for a treetop sleeping experience, you definitely won’t go hungry.

A surprisingly pleasant aspect of the stay is being gently rocked to sleep as the sphere becomes a cradle swaying softly in the night-time winds.

Although the spheres are equipped with grand windows, there is no loss of privacy. In fact they are cleverly arranged so that your view is focused on treetops and bird-life that has now become eye-level rather than the other guests in their beds.

A sense of self-indulgent opulence in the free spirit spheres may not echo the calibre of service in a five star hotel, but considering the logistical limitations in having suites suspended in the air, they provide a remarkable service. The sleeping experience is warm, cosy and somewhat ethereal and can easily host guests for many days at a time without feeling overwhelming.

Whether you’re looking to awaken your nostalgia and experience the thrills of childhood excitement when suspended in pendulum-come tree house or you’re looking to completely tune out and reconnect with both yourself and nature, the free spirit spheres provide an experience you’re unlikely to forget.

Some regard a night in the spheres as a spiritual experience, wherein a complete disconnect from the material word prompts a meditative and therapeutic sensation. Whereas for others, the sheer escapism and uniqueness of the stay ensures they leave with a replenished mind and body.

Whichever type of guest you find yourself as, the free spirit spheres are definitely one thing – the most luxurious and least taxing ‘outdoor’ sleeping venue you’ll find yourself in.