Take tea with an air of royalty in the Tea Cosy

The tea cosy

The tea cosy in Brighton is delightfully and decidedly British. The very name conjures the most British of phenomena – tea drinking. Yes, us Brits can remedy any problem with a cup of tea, the soothing nectar serving as a veritable cure-all for all the British folks’ ails – whether a warming drink during a rainy downpour or an efficient elixir for emotional distress. The tea cosy un Brighton however, isn’t just a tribute to Britain in the fact it serves tea – there are countless establishments that do so. It is a tribute because it joyfully and whimsically plays with British stereotypes when putting forward a quirky tea room come restaurant.

The tea room marries the two extremes of the British archetype – eccentrically kitsch and highly formal, that is because the tea house – propagating the formal activity of afternoon tea, does so in a fun and offbeat way.

In fact, what better evokes the blend of formal and quirky than the image of a tea cosy?

The tea cosy table

The beautifully bizarre tea cosy further appropriates the ‘joyfully-British’ stereotype in the fact that it’s décor and menu are themed in adherence to the royal family. Expect to see the walls busily adorned with regal memorabilia and to see dishes that reference the throne. More specifically, the décor includes tongue-in-cheek cut-outs of the Queen, an endless assortment of china and streams of Union-Jack bunting. This may sound eclectic, but the resulting effect is more endearing than overwhelming.

The tea cosy is indeed fully aware of the international misconception that ‘every Brit knows the queen’ and is a fully-fledged royalist, but in a very British way, looks to make fun of itself.

The tea cosy is both a parody of Britishness that is undoubtedly amusing to the locals and meets the misguided expectations of many-a-overseas tourist. To maintain a sense of whimsy, the tea cosy employs certain rules which only add to the establishment’s sense of humour rather than feeling restricting. For instance, one mustn’t rest their elbows on the table, should refrain from dunking their biscuits and to add to the already high level of camp, there is the occasional visit from a Camila Parker- Bowles drag tribute!

tea cosy decor

Furthermore, everything on the menu is home-made and done so with what can only be described as utter excellence. The menu offers seriously delicious goods, including cream teas, cakes, scones, finger sandwiches, chutney and piccalilli.
Particular highlights on the menu include ‘Will and Kate selection’ of sandwiches and confectionery. Furthermore, there is the Princess Diana memorial high tea, comprising of fine teas and finer baked goods.

You would be misguided however, to think that because the tea cosy is so heavily themed, it is also rather gimmicky. The tea cosy possesses a warm atmosphere, endearing staff and a consistently high calibre of produce. In fact the tea cosy has been voted as one of the top 10 tea rooms in the UK by ‘yahoo.com’ amongst several other accolades.

For a camp yet delightful take on the British phenomena of afternoon tea, I really can recommend nowhere else than Brighton’s tea cosy. Whether you’re a Brit yourself or a holiday-maker looking to sample blighty’s most charming of phenomena, you can’t go wrong with the tea cosy.