The Chocolate Boutique Hotel; indulge your guilty pleasures

Chocolate Boutique Hotel

Phrases like ‘chocoholic’ and ‘death by chocolate’ have recently become the norm, coinciding with a global increase in the art of the chocolatier. No longer are confectionery aisles limited to unpleasant imitations of the authentic cocoa experience, but true quality has become the standard. Chocolate masterpieces are no longer the reserve of Parisian haute patisserie but a celebration of the ingredient has washed ashore throughout the globe. Simply, the relationship between chocolate and the consumer has been transformed, a taste for crisp and rich high cocoa-content confectionery has grown and the ingredient finds its way in both savoury and sweet dishes in many a successful restaurant.

The recent chocolate crescendo has too impacted the hospitality industry and has given rise to the superb Chocolate Boutique Hotel, a Grade II listed building in the fashionable Soho Quarter of Bournemouth.

The Chocolate Boutique Hotel has 13 bedrooms, each uniquely themed to reflect an individual element of all thing’s chocolate and all of which have been decorated with accents of chocolate-based décor in a manner that comes off as a highly finished rather than gimmicky. As each room is individually designed they too come with individual names, such as the charming chocolate truffle suite, the cocoa bean suite and the trinitario suite. What’s important however, is that they all offer daily complementary servings of the finest chocolate. Not to mention the choice to hire a chocolate fountain or the silken-textured chocktails on order in the communal bar as an ambrosia for the chocolate-lover.

The prevalence of the theme of chocolate carries to a list of events held by the Boutique, with delightful options such as the Belgian truffle making workshop, wherein you are shown how to create the confection, choosing from an array of raw materials. Furthermore, there is an intensive experience called the ‘Chocolate Weekend’, a veritable festival of chocolate in which you will enjoy activities like chocolate portrait painting, chocolate making and even demonstrations in which chocolate sculptures are made and displayed.

Like the purest anti-oxidant infused dark chocolate, the Boutique also boasts some restorative qualities, serving spa treatments to quell the unease caused by any over-indulgences. Truly a prudent counter-measure. The treatments on offer range from facials, a series of massages and even, you guessed it, chocolate-enhanced reflexology sessions.

For a severe case of chocolate addiction, I proscribe an intensive course of Chocolate Boutique Hotel therapy; however side effects may include a mild case of food guilt. The Chocolate Boutique Hotel is successful not because of a well-executed gimmick but because the high quality of the chocolate themed activities merely compliment the consistently high level of service and attention to detail throughout.

A hotel Willie Wonka would be proud of, I hold no qualms in recommending the Boutique for a long weekend, romantic getaway or even a guilty escape; sometimes a bit of sinfulness is good for the soul.